Homestays in Germany
Learn German in German, apprendre l'allemand en l'Allemagne, Aprenda alemán en casa de su profesoray - Experience the German culture!

Unsere Familie:

Joerg (49);  Susanne (50), Ayline (16) und Janine (22). Janine kommt nur am Wochenende nach Hause

Während des Aufenthaltes werden Sie ein Teil unserer Familie sein und an unserem Familienleben teilnehmen. Sie nehmen die Mahlzeiten geminsam mit uns ein. Im Sommer grillen wir häufig und sind oft draußen im Garten. Am Wochenende sind wir oft mit unserem Boot unterwegs

Our family consists of Joerg, 49, Susanne, 50, Ayline, 16 and Janine 22 but Janine is only coming home at the weekends.

Joerg is working during the day and not at home, Susanne works only a few hours per week in a state grammar school and gives tuition in German, Ayline still goes to school and Janine is working away from home

During your stay you have meals together with us and share our family life. In summer we will have bbq in the evenings and most of our time, we spend outdoors. At the weekends we are often driving with our boat.

Our daughters are members of a horse club, if you like riding, we can organise lessons for you.


If you are interested in a homestay with our family write an email to:

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